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Middleton WoodWorks LLC

When Work Strikes Back….We Make The WoodWork Easy!!

For over 24 years it has started off as simple as you drawing your project on a napkin. While working directly with you, a contractor or an interior decorator we aim to bring your vision to life.    Whether you're interested in a simple repair or a custom-made project, we always strive to deliver outstanding work.  Our business is built on a foundation of integrity, great services and faith in GOD. Come be a part of the creation!! 

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What We Do Best

Using our longtime expertise, we're here to turn ideas into reality and I'm thrilled to assist you in designing your dream product. If you have a specific request in mind, please contact us or read the list of some of the services we offer below.

Custom Kitchens

We at Middleton Woodworks provide the finest in custom cabinetry, countertops, flooring and lighting. We design custom kitchens using    a variety of hardwood and plywood, hand-crafted  to your satisfaction. We offer a vast variety of custom finishes, ranging from traditional, glazing, vintage or many more. We make everything possible here at Middleton Woodworks, whether it’s a new product or an existing design.  We're always happy to learn about our customers and their specific requirements.   

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Entertainment Centers

We can create usable space in your home or office with beautiful built-in entertainment centers. Our custom built-in centers can transform any room by giving it a contemporary look and making your home feel more substantial.  No matter the size or complexity, we're here to deliver a perfect result to your specifications.

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Wood Flooring

We mill, finish and install new wood flooring. We can refinish and restore your existing wood floors back to its beautiful original wood finish. Hardwood floors can dramatically increase the value and
character of your home. Middleton Woodworks offers a wide range of unfinished flooring options that can be tailor-finished to your design needs. We do this by providing you with durable, long lasting
flooring material. 
Nothing excites us more than having a customer reach out with a special request. 



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Custom Mantles

The mantle is often the centerpiece of any living space turning your house into in a home.  Middleton Woodworks can create a mantel made from the finest wood that will enhance to your personal style and creativity. This unique one of a kind mantle will showcase your  fireplace  that will make it a warm and cozy style to your liking.  We can design a mantel that showcases your style and creativity.



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A Brief History of Shaun Middleton

Shaun J. Middleton, Sr. is a native Charlestonian who has had a passion for woodworking since high school. He is the owner of Middleton Woodworks, LLC which was established in 1999. With over 25 years of experience, he has worked with many prominent woodworking companies in the Tri-County Area. There is nothing more rewarding to him than working with wood and creating something new and unique. He loves and enjoys spending time with his family and is a man of great faith in the Lord. His goal is
continuing to achieve, create and produce new designs in innovative, beautiful woodworks.


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Charleston, SC

(843) 478-6000

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