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Middleton WoodWorks LLC

When Work Strikes Back….We Make The WoodWork Easy!!

My work combines classic techniques with modern methods to create unique and beautiful pieces. Whether you're interested in a simple repair or a custom-made item, I deliver outstanding work at competitive prices. Come be a part of the creation!! 

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Learn About My Services

What I Do Best

Using my longtime expertise, I’m here to turn ideas into reality and am thrilled to assist you in designing your dream product. If you have a specific request in mind, please contact me or read the list of services I offer below.

Custom Kitchens

We can design any kitchen to your liking. With custom cabinets, granite, flooring and lighting. Whether it’s a new product or an existing design, I’m always happy to learn about my customers and their specific requirements. 

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Entertainment Centers

Built in entertainment centers create more usable space in your home. I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting projects. No matter the size or complexity, I’m here to deliver a perfect result to your specifications.

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Wood Flooring

We can mill, install and finish new wood flooring or even refinish your existing floors.Nothing excites me more than having a customer reach out with a special request. From simple to complex, my flooring services are sure to exceed your expectations. Get in touch today to bring your vision to life.

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Custom Mantles

The mantle is often the centerpiece of your living room. Let us make it beautiful.Ever since I opened my shop, I have been committed to completing my projects on time and delivering state-of-the-art results. If you want to learn more about my Custom Design services or would like to schedule a consultation, please contact me today.

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A Brief History of Shaun Middleton

Ever since I was young I knew that I wanted to dedicate my life to making beautiful, unique pieces. I set up my family based company in 1999 in Charleston, SC and ever since have had a steady stream of customers who loved the quality and style of my work. As well as creating one-off and bespoke projects, I also bring old items back to life through patient and accurate restoration.


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For any inquiries or to commission a service please get in touch.

Charleston, SC

(843) 478-6000

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